Real Madrid are always cruel in the Champions League

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Is Real Madrid playing well against Bayern Munich? No, not at all. Los Blancos even suffered at the Allianz Arena. But somehow, Cristiano Ronaldo and his friends can come home with a win.

That’s Real Madrid. As hard as any of their opponents in the Champions League, Los Blancos always come out as the best. The competition is so friendly with them.

Finally, troops Zinedine Zidane beat Munchen 2-1 in the first leg of the semifinals on Thursday (26/4/2918) pm dawn. In the game, Real Madrid actually did not move.

Referring to statistics, Munich is more dominant with 58 percent ball possession. Der Bavarians also created 17 chances. While Madrid more survive and occasionally counterattack.

The result, Madrid scored two goals, while Munchen just one. In this round, effectiveness is everything. And Madrid, always cruel if got a chance.

“We suffered greatly throughout the game, we were depressed, but in the end we were able to win an important victory,” Zidane was quoted as saying by Sky Sports.

“You can not play in the Champions League without suffering.”

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